Set for the market of the future:

The transport specialist for vehicles of all types is already taking into account that, in the future,e mobility will increasingly include electric vehicles.

According to the European Union, in 2030 every 1 in 5 cars on our roads should be powered by an electric drive or a fuel cell – emission-free. To boost the still rather restrained demand in Germany, a corresponding funding program in the form of a buyer’s bonus was recently agreed on. Kleinfahrzeugtransporte based in Munich is staying abreast of this development and has also included the transport of electric cars as well as many other electric drive vehicles in its portfolio.

Wide range of electric vehicles

In addition to the substantial number of electric vehicles already commercially available, many new vehicles, which are still in the development stage, will hit the market in the next one to two years. The currently available vehicles are often models where a version with electric motor is simply offered in addition to the existing combustion engine version. This is true for electric cars such as the Smart Electric Drive and VW e-Golf, but also for electric scooters. At the same time, there are vehicles on the market that are only available as electric vehicles, among others the models from Tesla or the BMW i3.

Trend: Retro

The future trend is likely to go more to smaller vehicles for short distance ranges, which are specifically designed for the use of electric drives, for example, the Renault Twizy. Often, vehicle types which had their heyday half a century ago are fallen back on. For example, in the future we might be seeing electric bubble cars on our roads as well as small vehicles like the Microlino, which looks deceptively similar to the legendary Isetta – of course without the engine noise and emissions.

Professional service

Pick-up and delivery within 48 hours in Germany and wide parts of Europe, transport including insurance and notification, no additional up and unloading of the vehicle and a detailed handover report – these are just a few of the benefits Kleinfahrzeugtransporte offers its customers. On request, support with any customs formalities is available.

Available daily

For more information, the company is available daily from 9 am to 11 pm, including Sundays and public holidays, on the toll-free number 0800 723 99 75 or on +49 (0) 89 95 45 70 90. Additional information about the vehicles we can transport and other services is also available at the website.

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