kleinfahrzeugtransporte.com: Service provider treads new paths

The new portal www.kleinfahrzeugtransporte.com specializes on the transport of small vehicles that are used on land, in the water and in the air. The platform offers potential customers a point of contact where experts offer a comprehensive service for all transport needs. Kleinfahrzeugtransporte is an independent and service-oriented company. The team combines more than 20 years of professional experience in the transport sector.

Comprehensive product portfolio including door-to-door service

The company “Kleinfahrzeugtransporte” transports motorcycles, golf carts, Renault Twizy vehicles, scooters, carts, riding mowers, carriages, buggies, quad bikes, Piaggio Apes and many more across Germany. Door-to-door transports of small vehicles are a cost-effective and safe alternative to large and impersonal companies in the transport sector. The company is characterized by its special service of offering personalized consultations and advice on customers’ transport needs. Based on the consultation, the team of Kleinfahrzeugtransporte puts together a transport package which is customized to the customer’s requirements and suited to the vehicle.

Social institutions benefit

The transport of E-mobiles and wheelchairs is particularly noteworthy. Kleinfahrzeugtransporte supports this booming sector by serving the ever-increasing transport needs of hospitals and social institutions. Due to budget restrictions, second-hand devices of this kind frequently need to be sent to sister institutions or patients. The increasing aging of our society is boosting this development.

All from one source

The “All from one source” transport service offered by Kleinfahrzeugtransporte in Germany is unique. The service is aimed at both business and private customers. The transport of an Ape to an Ape community event or relocating a small vehicle within Germany. A customer would like to take his/her own quad bike to a racing show or to a meeting of his/her personal quad club, or he/she wants to gift a quad to someone in Germany. Or a customer has just purchased a quad bike and can’t collect it him/herself. Kleinfahrzeugtransporte takes care of all of this. Kleinfahrzeugtransporte transports any model of any size in a professional and proper manner, for any purpose, to any location with attentive service before, during and after the transport.

Tapping into new market segments

During the course of 2014, “Kleinfahrzeugtransporte” will include trailers, caravans, kayaks and small sailing boats in its product portfolio. In addition, a Europe-wide and global transport service will be on offer.

High availability

Customers can reach the Kleinfahrzeugtransporte service team daily from 9 am to 11 pm at the toll-free hotline at 0800 723 99 75 who will gladly answer any questions you may have. This service is also available on Sundays and public holidays. In addition, the website at www.kleinfahrzeugtransporte.com offers detailed information about the comprehensive service and transport prices.

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