Kleinfahrzeugtransporte.com: Partner for snowmobile transports

In addition to a large number of other vehicles, the Munich-based transport company also offers the professional shipment of snowmobiles – Europe-wide.

Snowmobiles are a widely used means of transportation in Scandinavia and corresponding regions in North America during winter. But also in Central European mountain regions the practical snowmobiles are becoming more and more popular. They have long been indispensable for recovering injured people from ski slopes, but they are also used for various other transport tasks, as a sports device or for adventure tours in winter snow landscapes. By the way, after an instruction and a little practice anyone who has a car or motorcycle driving license is allowed to drive a snowmobile.

Customized offers

Kleinfahrzeugtransporte specializes in the transport of vehicles of all kinds and offers transport solutions which are tailored to the individual requirements. Customers – private or commercial – have the choice between a quick and a more cost-effective version. The Express transport service offers pick-up within 24 hours and delivery within another 24 hours. This service is generally available throughout Germany, but in most cases also throughout Europe, with the added advantage of no transshipment being required. Standard transport is considerably lower in cost and usually takes eight to ten working days.

Comprehensive service

Moreover, there are a number of criteria which customers should take into account when choosing a transport service provider for their vehicle. No additional costs for freight insurance as well as notification of pick-up and delivery, a detailed handover report and, on request, also assistance with any customs formalities that might arise, are only some of the service provisions Kleinfahrzeugtransporte customers benefit from. Of course the insurance values can be individually adjusted to special conditions, on request.

Personal consultancy

In case of questions, a consultant is available daily from 9 am to 11 pm, including Sundays and public holidays, on the toll-free number 800 723 99 75 or on +49 (0) 89 95 45 70 90. More information – about, among other things, the different vehicles and other service provisions – is available at www.kleinfahrzeugtransporte.com.

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